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Frequently Asked Questions on Support (Updated)

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Frequently Asked Questions on Support (Updated) Empty Frequently Asked Questions on Support (Updated)

Post  Slip Fri Aug 21, 2009 4:07 pm

Frequently Asked Questions on Support (Updated)

Post by Axium
Hello! The staff is well aware of the common errors that keep resurfacing being asked again and again on S4 League so far. Keep in mind that S4 League is still being constantly updated and will fix most of these errors over time. There are other threads that have other info as well to assist you, but here are some of the general support questions that keep getting asked here:

I received a "Failed to Connect to Authentication Server (Timeout)" when I try to login, what do I do?

If you are encountering the "Failed to Connect to Authentification Server(Timeout)" error, you need to make sure that your Login ID to the servers on S4 League is the same as the Login and Password you use on your forum account for alaplaya. Be sure that you have verified your alaplaya forum account and have logged onto it on the alaplaya forums at least once to see if it logs in and is verified properly after registration. Always make sure that the correct Login and Password are imputted correctly when logging in.

Also, try adding caps to your Login ID name only (not your Password) at random places to bypass. The Login ID is not case sensitive so it shouldn't be a problem. (Example: nAmE123) The Password should only have following character: A-Z (0-9) (false: -,_,+,ยง,%, and so on).

I received a "You fail to receive account information.(Timeout)" error now, what do I do?

In order to bypass this error message, first click on the top right corner of error message pop-up. Then afterwards, click Escape on keyboard and it should bypass login error easily and you can play once again. The login error message should look like the image provided below:


I received a "Connection with relay server has been terminated: Error Code:02" message now, what can I do?

This error seems to be a server-sided issue on alaplaya’s part since this error usually causes most of the people ingame as a whole to disconnect together. It could be caused to so much connections outside of Europe causing players to disconnect from the game client.

If you receive this error when connecting into Server-1, then try connecting into Server-2 instead. If you are able to connect to Server-2, play at least one match in game and once it ends, try to reconnect back into Server-1 and see if it is resolved (same solution applies if you cannot connect to Server-2 and will need to join Server-1 instead).

I received a "Failed to Download Version Information", how can I fix it?

If you are receiving the "Failed to Download Version Information" error, I recommend you to uninstall your S4 League client and install our new client hosts on the S4 League download page on alaplaya site to fix your patch update. And also be sure to check if your PC meets the minimum requirements to run S4 League game and to always update your Graphics Drivers and Direct X (9.0c for XP and DirectX10 for Vista users). You also need ServicePack 3 + Framenetwork 2 .net or 3 of Windows to run properly (Framenetwork 3 is recommended).

I have a "Connection with the game has been terminated" message constantly, why is that?

This one seems to have the most trouble for people when trying to login into the game. There are various methos to go by this error message. One is to see if the are any interferences if you are trying to connect wirelessly. If you are using a regular router such as linksys, it usually connects on a 2wire router, so just set your IP to on firewall settings.

You should also try to refresh your IP Connection from your PC, goto to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt from your Computer first. Once the Prompt has opened, type in ipconfig/release. [JUST ipconfig/release] Wait afew seconds, and you will be disconnected from the internet, and it'll show you some text you don't need to worry about. Afterwards, just type ipconfig/renew and you should reconnect, and your IP refreshed again.

I also suggest to set your Ports to the recommended selection from your firewall. The follwing ports that are recommended for S4 League are as follows:


To access your Ports, first go into your Control Panel and click on your Firewall icon. From there, go to your Exceptions tab and click on the ""Add Ports" Button. In the name field, it can be filled as anything as long as you can easily remember it for which Port you set it as. (Ex: S4_TCP_28002). Afterwards, set one of the Ports into the Ports field. You must have all of the Ports that have been listed on the Exceptions List and have it checked off the box next to their name as well to be bypassed.


You can always learn more about Port Forwarding by going to this site:


Another trick is to add s4client.exe, patcher_s4.exe and hsupdate.exe added to exceptions list for the Firewall Settings as well. Just as before with the Ports setting, just go to your Control Panel and click on your Firewall icon. From there go into your Exceptions tab and click on the "Add Programs" Button. After that, just browse though your programs until you have s4client.exe, patcher_s4.exe and hsupdate.exe added to the Exceptions List.


Also check to see if you have full permissions on your Administrator account on your PC if running on Windows Vista. And also I recommend you to test your connection by trying to create a new room ingame to see if it allows you to connect. And remember, the servers are based on location in Europe, not p2p, so be aware of latency lagg from other countries if out of EU.

If neither of these tips has helped so far, my last recommendation would be to uninstall S4 League, do a complete virus and spyware scan, do a disk defragmentation and disk scan aswell. Then reinstall S4 League afterwards from a different host on alaplaya site.

My game client tends to freeze up ingame, what can be the cause of this?

My recommendation would be to check if all your graphics cards are up to date. This includes updating your Motherboard, Graphics Card and such. Also test your screen graphics in the options tab by lowering the resolution pixels and such ingame. Another cause could be the RAM as well so look into that and see if you have enough.

For those who have Microsoft XP update DirectX 9.0c:

For those who have Microsoft Vista update DirectX 10:

I'm getting a "Data storage medium query" error, why is that?

To fix this error, try to insert a Blank CD (or of another game) and it should correct the error. If not, you may need to reinstall the S4 League client once again.

My Friends List seems to be bugged and can’t add my friends, what can I do?

This is a known bug in beta but will be fixed soon. To add someone, send a friend request to whom youwanna add in the players list. From there The other person accpting it must accept it, then delete the friend. Then that 2nd friend must send you a friend request and you accept it and it should work.

I keep receiving a "Disconnected from Chat Server", howcome?

The "Disconnected from Chat Server" is quite common with some users when playing S4 League. It prevents players from chatting ingame and to send PMs as well, but there is no indication yet on why this occurs or when it happens. To fix this error just exit out of S4 League and relogin to the client again.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Support (Updated) Empty Re: Frequently Asked Questions on Support (Updated)

Post  Slip Fri Aug 21, 2009 4:08 pm

My PEN Missions were restarted again even though I finished them, what gives?

This is yet another bug found ingame and will be fixed later on. All I can recommend is redo the missions even though you wont regain PEN again if you completed them already. PEN Missions are always resetted by alaplaya staff in their database each week on Mondays.

I have a "Wearing Unusable Item" error, what should I do?

Try the following tips below to fix this error:

1.) Make sure you have at least one weapon and one skill in order to join a game room. If you are trying to unequip an item and it does not allow you or you have an item that is duped and cannot be unequipped, see if you can replace the duped weapon slot with a different item instead.

Just use a different weapon or skill that you already own and replace it in every weapons slot to clear them all out (Replace one weapon into Slot 1, Slot 2, Slot 3 and replace skill too). If you don't have an extra weapon, use one from a licence test or a 5 hour trial one and try it with that weapon (this includes replacing skill as well if needed).

2.) Look in the inventory of a second character that you have on your account and see if unequipping any of those weapons or skills will help as well.

3.) Delete the first Character (if you have two characters on your account so far after reaching level 5) that you have created on your account. Doing this will not delete any items on your character so you don't need to worry about it. Afterwards, just recreate your character again in the 1st slot and it should fix the error message.

I'm all out of PEN and can’t join games, what can I do?

Try to spend you items wisely and don’t buy armor too early into the game and invest in weapons and skills instead that are permanent. There are also two types of PEN+ (50% and 100%) which increase ammount PEN per game for 10 hours and can be bought using AP points from Cash Shop on alaplaya.

You can also purchase clothing or accessories in Cash Shop with AP Points that have PEN recompensation as well (such as the AP Headphones which grants 80K PEN as a bonus with it).

If needed to just recreate another account on the forums, but be warned you cannot have the same name as the last character had. When recreating your account you should invest in Durable Weapons and Skills first that you are used to using before buying any sort of clothing. Use your Trial Weapon and Skills from License Tests to test them and out and see which ones work best for you before purchasing them (do not sell them as they will not give sufficient PEN and would be a better investment to use them). Also be sure to do frequent repair on your items to prevent the costs of repair for your items to increase over time.

I keep getting "Network Connect Fail" message, why is that?

This seems to be so far a client-sided issue for people at alaplaya when doing server maintenance. I recommend to just wait awhile before logging in or wait until it is announced that the downtime is over. This also tends to happen when your firewall is blocking the client on S4 League, so please refer to my guide posted above on how to resolve this issue as well.

How can I deactivate the AutoStart from my patcher? (Provided by moschina)

To deactivate the AutoStart from your patcher client on S4 League, you need to first press START Menu and click on RUN on Windows XP/ for Windows Vista: Down left button on desktop to open the Menu > All Programs > Accessories (Tools) > Run. Afterwards for both, write regedit and click on ok and go to the voice HKEY_CURRENT_USER after on SOTWARE > BURDA > S4. Doucle click on AutoStart that appears on the right of the page and at the voice “Value Data” write the number 0. Lastly, close all and restart the game normally.

I got a "Hacking Error (204) Message" what is it?

This message seems to occur when there is a program running that is detected by the HackShield as a hacking (ie:XFire). I recommend to close any programs from task manager that may disrupt the client from running and reopen S4 League again.

I keep getting "Account Error" when logging in, howcome?

The "Account Error" that the users are facing at this moment is caused by two things. One would be that they did not correctly imput their Login ID and Password from their alaplaya account that they registered for forums. They should make sure that they have at least verified their forum account if it is new and that they correctly imput the Login ID and Password. If necessary, you may need to change your Password if you feel that it was not correctly imputted. Just follow the easy steps into changing your password link provided here and make sure that once it is changed that you are able to Login to S4 League and on alaplaya forums again.

The second cause for this is due to our IP-Banning of certain regions in parts of Asia (in areas such as Korea and China) and in parts of Australia. The reason of this IP-Bans is due to our Licensing in our contract with Pentavision for S4 League. Certain areas of Australia and in Asia are needed to be blocked to ensure our Licensing contract is met with the demands so that other will play on Korean S4 League while other will enjoy European S4 League here on alaplaya.

We do apologize for what everyone must be enduring and feel like this is unfair. The staff will try their best to see as to which regions should not be IP-Banned, but it may take some time till it is all resolved. We here at alaplaya encourage players to enjoy all the games here hosted, including S4 League and did not do IP-Baning intentionally for any sort of discrimination or hate against others. We do hope that you will understand that we are concerned about our players and will ty our best to help in this situation.

How can I access Support Request Page properly? (Provided by user Zeed)

Here are the steps to successfully log in:
You have to get the SupportSuite's Frame out of Alaplaya's main page.
This seems to be the main problem here: something in Alaplaya's website seems to be interfering with the cookies the Alaplaya's support site are using, and it ends up sending the cookies, login, etc. request in the wrong direction.

To do this in FireFox:
- Right click above the blue "Knowledgebase" word. Or if the page has "turned German", right click above "Wissens-Datenbank". Don't click directly on the link.

- You should have an option called "This Frame". Click on that.

- Click on "Show only this Frame". This will load only SupportSuite's page onto your browser. You'll know its working if the entire page is now white, without any Flash titlebar, background pictures, the control center to your right, etc.

- Login as usual. It doesn't matter if the page is still German, it'll revert back soon.

To do this in IE:
Go to the following link here: http://support.alaplaya.net/index.php
The above is the SupportSuite's frame's web URL.


I hope this guide helped out a few of the users here. I know S4 League is still in the process of updates and a lot may change afterwards, so there may be tweaking in thread later on. For more important threads look for these ones stickied as well:

Account Error - The Explanation

How to create a pingplotter

And as always, you can submit a full report of your errors in a ticket to http://s4.en.alaplaya.eu/support under the Help tab. The Support Team will be sure to analyze the report submitted and will do their very best to assess the error encountered on S4 League and find a solution to it. USe your verified alaplaya email and password from forum account to login to Support Request Section. If the language on the Support Request is shown in German instead, try clearing all your browing history or use a different internet browser before relogging back in.

If you do encounter any more error for assistance, please notify us here on Support Section of S4 League forums or in chat on alaplaya for further assistance. Very Happy

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