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Rules for Profiles, Accounts and Extras

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Rules for Profiles, Accounts and Extras Empty Rules for Profiles, Accounts and Extras

Post  Slip Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:06 pm


* Of course the rules regarding content also apply to signatures. If you break any of these your signature will be removed without warning. If you continue to break the rules you will be given a warning.

* Videos are not allowed in signatures, this includes trying to hide them with spoiler tags.

* Sigs must show no adult images of any kind or you will face a Ban.

Account Sharing

* ONE account per member please, creating accounts with the idea of having more than one user will not be tolerated. If both you and your friend want to use an account then BOTH of you need to make one. This is a type of account sharing and for obvious reasons cannot be allowed (for example if one of you was flaming then the account would have to be banned regardless of whether or not it was your friend and not you)

* Account sharing is not allowed. If you are caught sharing accounts with another member both of you will be given a temp ban. If you are found to be sharing your account with a banned member you will both be banned (in some cases this may result in a perma ban)

* Alt accounts are also not allowed. The creation of alt accounts will result in both (or more) accounts being banned, your original account for 7 days and the duplicates being perma-banned. If you continue to make more accounts the ban time of your original account will be increased. Making alt accounts to bypass a ban will result in additional ban time being added.


* Whilst we don’t want to restrict this too much, we do ask that you keep a check on the content; this mainly applies to the background if you choose to use images, again please do not use flashing images.
* Picture Albums should have pics that meet the requirements for the site. No pornography or overly graphic violence pics.
* Members are reminded that staff members can also see Visitor Messages. Do not flame one another or fight on each others profiles. Follow the rules you would follow when you are posting in threads. Your messages are still public.


* Members have the ability to give positive or negative reputation to a member on posts. You may also leave some feedback. All reputation given, whether positive or negative, is identified as from you, whether you signed a comment or not. You should not ask for reputation and do not gang up on someone to derep them. If you wish to have a derep removed that you gave to another member, PM an Admin. Admins, however, will not remove dereps given to members by others.

* Do not make threads about Reputation. This includes threads discussing how much rep you have, whether you have been derepped or other posts which can be interpreted as asking for rep or calling someone out for derepping you. Depending on the thread itself, the thread may be closed or deleted and you may get an Infraction.

* Members leaving good or bad Rep should ensure the comments left are clean and not too harsh.

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